Restoring tables to multiple columns after paste from PDF dumps into one column

During a recent project I had to take a number of tables from a PDF into a spreadsheet. PDFs are great for viewing but with tables they don’t always preserve the structure. Unfortunately my spreadsheet software could not split the… Continue Reading →

Knights of the OS Table

How Operating Systems are like Knights If found this here years ago when I first got the internet back in ’98, and I remember my friend Gavin writing some extra bits for our own geeky exploits. I couldn’t find what… Continue Reading →

Mac OSX El Capitan on Win 10 Virtualbox host

I was recently asked by a client to port a simple web-based javascript program to an iOS app. I was pretty keen to try my hand at something new, however I’ve got a big idealogical problem with Apple – mostly… Continue Reading →

Git Crib Sheet

Setup and use a new online repo Sign in to github or bitbucket; start a new repository; add .gitignore (things to exclude such as your python virtualenv, config files with passwords etc), then follow the instructions to: Setup new online… Continue Reading →

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