Concise Guide to Debugging Anything (Cheat Sheet)

I created my own concise quick reference guide / cheat sheet for debugging anything. The free PDF guide has ten steps, and each step has a simple Python example to illustrate it, and there’s a space to write notes about the system or bug you are currently working on. It’s based on David Agan’s ‘Debugging: The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems’.

14 Key Components for a Full Stack Production Deployment Python Web App

An outline of 14 key components that are needed for a full stack production deployment of a commercial user-facing Python web app, with some recommended options.

Deployment using Ansible and Pyenv (Django web app with Ansible & docker deployment – Part 3)

As part of this series on creating and deploying a full stack web app, I’m using the Django web framework. Django has pre-designed parts for you compared to Flask which I’ve used previously. That saves some development time, although it… Continue Reading →

Debugging four common SSH key issues (aka learning from my Rookie Errors)

Debugging four common SSH key issues when authenticating with a Github private repo on a remote host: Not all VPS are created equal (especially AWS – Root user login disabled), Github access via SSH uses a different address format, Github repos must have unique SSH keys, AND only the key for the repo you are accessing should be loaded, SSH key forwarding gets disabled if the remote host identification changes.

Setting Up Django Cheat Sheet (Django web app with Ansible & docker deployment – Part 2)

A cheat sheet / reference for the minimum basic Django project.

Sorting photos with ChatGPT and python

All of my digital photos are in a very badly organised set of folders, some of which have names of the event. My most recent photos all come from my phone automatically uploaded to my laptop via OneDrive, in one… Continue Reading →

Custom local storage caching for any Python function

For many programs some of the biggest performance issues are related to network and disk access – web requests and database access are some of the slowest aspects. I was commissioned by a client to improve the speed of a… Continue Reading →

Options for Continuous Deployment (Django web app with Ansible & docker deployment – Part 1)

For the first python web app I created, most of the tricky parts and learning came with trying to deploy it to a server, which result in lots of trial and error, and writing down a huge long list of… Continue Reading →

Creating AWS lambda called via Event Cron from Github Actions using SAM

Github Actions is a CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) service built into Github. It makes code deployment as easy as pushing to a github repo. I’ve previously used Zappa which also has a fast way to deploy (and could… Continue Reading →

Conditional formatting with Python Pandas

One of the features of spreadsheets I’ve always found useful is conditional formatting. You can easily highlight if a value is above or below a certain amount, for example to highlight negative figures. This can can dramatically improve readability. I… Continue Reading →

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