Countly is an enterprise grade Web and Mobile Analytics platform which provides a 360° view of your customer journey on mobile and web. Countly’s unique plugin architecture, rich default feature set, deployment flexibility and tailored SLA coverage makes it the perfect fit for mobile and web analytics needs of enterprises. AndyPi developed plugins for Countly are available to purchase here.

Two Factor Authentication plugin for use with Google / Microsoft Authenticator app

This plugin allows you to use the Google / Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone to generate a time based additional password to improve security (Android, iOS and Windows all supported). Each member can set up their own device from the settings menu in their account by simply scanning a QR code. Global administrators can globally enable Two Factor Authentication to prevent login for those who have not enabled it. Global administrators can temporarily disable the global lock to allow new users to setup Two Factor Authentication.

Developed in partnership with dieskim ( @

License & Pricing
License: £100 (approx $125USD) per organisation for lifetime use; updates (when available) will be provided free.

1. After purchase, download the *.zip file
2. Upload zip file to your countly server installation at /countly/plugins/
3. Unzip the file into directory named totp
4. Restart countly, and enable the plugin from the management menu