WooCommerce PDF Shipping Label Plugin with item SKUs

Is this the only WooCommerce shipping label plugin that can list SKUs? I run an e-commerce site selling bike parts at, and as it expanded I needed a way to move away from writing envelopes by hand, so I… Continue Reading →

Cloudflare Stream Power Tools WordPress Plugin

Cloudflare Stream is a super-fast on-demand video streaming service that runs on Cloudflare’s content delivery network, and is a fantastic service for streaming video if you don’t want your videos cluttered by ads or competing videos from other platforms such… Continue Reading →

WordPress Plugin repos with SVN

It’s been a while since I last uploaded a WordPress plugin, and with the release of my new Video Analytics for Cloudflare Stream I ended up making a right mess of repo – all my version control is done in… Continue Reading →

WordPress plugin – Support / help email direct from dashboard

A few months ago I blogged about how I coded WordPress plugin, basically it’s a dashboard widget which users can send an email directly from. The idea is that AndyPi blog customers can ask for support directly from within WordPress,… Continue Reading →

WordPress dashboard plugin

AndyPi hosts websites for a few clients, mostly using WordPress, since it is easy to set up for us and easy to operate for the end user. All of the functionality is provided by additional plugins, but we wanted to… Continue Reading →

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