Setting up a Mikrotik mAP lite as a wifi client to ethernet bridge (and how to reset it)

To setup the mAP lite as a wifi client and provide network access to a device connected to the ethernet port, I followed these steps

14 Key Components for a Full Stack Production Deployment Python Web App

An outline of 14 key components that are needed for a full stack production deployment of a commercial user-facing Python web app, with some recommended options.

Debugging four common SSH key issues (aka learning from my Rookie Errors)

Debugging four common SSH key issues when authenticating with a Github private repo on a remote host: Not all VPS are created equal (especially AWS – Root user login disabled), Github access via SSH uses a different address format, Github repos must have unique SSH keys, AND only the key for the repo you are accessing should be loaded, SSH key forwarding gets disabled if the remote host identification changes.

Top terminal tips for zsh on Mac

I’m doing some development on the mac platform and often using terminal for running commands and especially checking the code I’m writing into version control with git. 1. Search history At the command line you can already use the up… Continue Reading →

Custom Static Site Deployment to Cloudflare Pages using Github Actions

I am creating a custom built static site to replace an old WordPress site for a client. The main aim is to make it easier to maintain and faster to load. Choosing Cloudflare pages is my default for static sites… Continue Reading →

Switching from Win 10 to Ubuntu

After dabbling with linux on and off for 20 years, with Raspberry Pi, Servers and occasionally on the desktop, I finally decided to bite the bullet and replace Windows 10 on my main laptop (Dell Inspiron 7348 2015) with Ubuntu… Continue Reading →

How to run a python script as a service (agent, daemon) on Mac OS with launchd

Services (or Daemons or Agents) are normal programs that run in the background and are managed by the OS. I needed to make a python script run under Mac OS using launchd, which is a bit more involved than a… Continue Reading →

Deploy Multiple WordPress Sites Using Virtualmin and Ansible on Ubuntu

This guide shows you how to automate the configuration of a virtual server from scratch (using Ansible) and deploy multiple independent Wordpress websites (using Webmin/Virtualmin).

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