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Remote Weather Monitoring

A friend asked me if it would be possible to use a raspberry pi as a remote weather monitor. Here’s my answer, considering his specification!   The brief: Accurate weather reporting and conditions are hard to come by in Central… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi SMS to email gateway – Part 4

In this final part, we’ll complete the gateway by setting up our relay to send an sms by sending an email. 1. Setup DNS and Mailgun I part 3 we already partially setup mailgun, but now you’ll need to add… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi SMS to email gateway – Part 3

This is part 3 of our series in building an SMS to email gateway. Now we’re setup with the hardware tested and working, it’s time to write some python code for receiving an SMS and forwarding it to an email… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi SMS to email gateway – Part 2

See part 1 for the introduction. I decided as this was going to be a permanent project I should make a case for it. Nowadays this is now really easy to make a custom case yourself using 3D printing –… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi SMS to email gateway – Part 1

Two Factor Authentication by SMS is a reasonable security addition, but it can be very infuriating. It’s impossible to sign up for a google account without a mobile number, and if you change your number you can easily get locked… Continue Reading →

Dataplicity vs Resin: Raspberry Pi remote access compared and are both fairly new services which help you to remotely connect to your Raspberry Pi over the internet. You might be used to connecting to your pi via SSH on your home network, but what if you… Continue Reading →

Easy remote access to your Raspberry Pi from Bash on Windows 10

Many people, myself included use a raspberry pi in headless mode, that is without a display of any kind, simply plugged into the local network and accessed from another computer on the same network. This way, we can use the… Continue Reading →

Errors with sudo apt-get and pip install? Make sure your system time is correct!

Yesterday I started on a new raspberry pi project, and as usual, I burned a fresh version of the latest Raspbian Jessie to my SD card. I usually do this so that when I write up some instructions I know… Continue Reading →

Weather Monitoring – Part 2 – Air Quality sensing with Shinyei PPD42NS

Weather Monitoring – Part 1 – with ThingSpeak and Slack Part 2 – This post Why measure air quality? For the second part of my Raspberry Pi weather monitor, I wanted to add an air quality sensor. Air quality is… Continue Reading →

Wearble Pi Zero Camera Kit

Wearable Timelapse Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero including 3D printed case (1) You can order this kit now on ebay for only £34 – search for ‘andypi’. Now available for dispatch in limited quantity! (2) You can order… Continue Reading →

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