AndyPi’s Countly WordPress plugin makes it a breeze to add analytics to your WordPress website in a GDPR compliant way with the Osano cookie consent popup, and includes a feedback widget.

Get it here:

If you want to take control of your WordPress websute analytics and event tracking  – and comply with GDPR – without handing over data to a third party such as Google Analytics or Facebook, Countly with AndyPi’s WordPress plugin is a great way to go.

The plugin contains Osano’s cookie consent popup, so you only track web visitors in Countly Analytics if they accept. The Cookie consent notice is completely customizable for your needs, and you if your use case is outside the scope of GDPR, you can simply turn off the cookie consent feature.

Countly is an enterprise grade analytics and marketing platform for mobile, web, desktop and IoT applications with a focus on data liberation and security. Countly is available in two different editions – self hosted or private cloud Enterprise Edition with premium plugins and customisable SLA, and Community Edition with basic plugins and a free-to-use non-commercial license.

Osano call themselves ‘The World’s Most Trusted Data Privacy Software Platform’ and ‘The world’s most popular solution to the EU cookie law.’