Pass the Parcel – for deaf people!

We’re hosting a Christmas Party for some deaf friends on Boxing Day, so we thought it would be fun to play a few games, such as pass the parcel… except the key ingredient of “stop passing when the music stops”… Continue reading →

Sonic Ruler

AndyPi’s Sonic Ruler measures distances in the same way bats do – using ultrasonic sound waves! The circuit and code are both very simple, and it gives you an idea of how to use an ultrasonic sensor for more complex… Continue reading →

Music Beats Visualizer (Spectrum Analyser)

Music Beats Visualizer is an Arduino controlled spectrum analyzer, which lets you visualize sounds according to their frequency. The input is an electret microphone, and the output is 6x WS2801 RGB LEDs. The lights change colour depending on the amplitude… Continue reading →

WS2801 RGB LEDs and Arduino

WS2801 RGB LEDs WS2801 are a strip of RGB (red-green-blue) LEDs, and there colour and brightness can be in individually controlled. which means with some simple programming you can create some very cool effects (Not least of which is the… Continue reading →

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