Countly WordPress plugin

Coming soon… WordPress plugin for Countly Analytics with cookie consent and feedback. Contact me for more information.

Cloudflare Stream Power Tools WordPress Plugin

Cloudflare Stream is a super-fast on-demand video streaming service that runs on Cloudflare’s content delivery network, and is a fantastic service for streaming video if you don’t want your videos cluttered by ads or competing videos from other platforms such… Continue Reading →

WordPress Plugin repos with SVN

It’s been a while since I last uploaded a WordPress plugin, and with the release of my new Video Analytics for Cloudflare Stream I ended up making a right mess of repo – all my version control is done in… Continue Reading →

Get your eBay sales statistics summary using Python & Pandas

As I’m expanding my online sales through eBay, I’ve found its quite difficult to actually find basic statistics of the monthly sales by item. This is quite important if you sell the same product over and over again, as I… Continue Reading →

Remote Weather Monitoring

A friend asked me if it would be possible to use a raspberry pi as a remote weather monitor. Here’s my answer, considering his specification!   The brief: Accurate weather reporting and conditions are hard to come by in Central… Continue Reading →

Python for Mechanical Engineers – Rail Brake distance calculations

In the second post in this series on Python for Mechanical Engineers, we’ll do an example calculation to show the flexibility of Python and Jupyter labs. You can follow this tutorial with the code available on github.   1. Problem… Continue Reading →

Weather Monitoring – Part 3 – Calc Air Quality using Python Queues

Weather Monitoring – Part 1 – with ThingSpeak and Slack Weather Monitoring – Part 2 – Air Quality sensing with Shinyei PPD42NS Part 3 – This post It’s over a 2 years since the last time I worked on my… Continue Reading →

Python for Mechanical Engineers – Introduction

In this series you’ll find walk-throughs of several different projects which show how Python can be used effectively in mechanical engineering. The purpose of these walk-throughs is to give mechanical engineers a vision of how they can use Python in… Continue Reading →

Publishing a Python Package on pypi (warehouse)

One of the great advantages of Python is the ecosystem of thousands of packages that you can easily add functionality to a project – and these packages are very easy to install – just: pip install package_name In this tutorial… Continue Reading →

Make code easier to read with explicitly named parameters in Python 3

One of the (few!) frustrating things I find when I’m either reading my own or someone else’s Python code is when I come across a function call like this(1): Arrrgh! Unless you are sufficiently up to speed with the function… Continue Reading →

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