Displays & Lights

Python Controlled LCD

You can output pretty much anything you want to AndyPi’s LCD. It is controlled using Python, making use of the wiringpi and RPi.GPIO libraries, but you can also use C. Step-by-step instructions below show you how to display your IP… Continue Reading →

AndyPi LCD with Volumio (RaspyFi)

AndyPi LCDs also work really well with Volumio (formely called RaspyFi). This distribution has been optimised for playing high quality audio (often through a usb DAC device hooked up to some high quality speakers). You can control it via any… Continue Reading →

RASPBMC Track Display LCD

PLEASE NOTE: RASPBMC is now not supported, this post is included for posterity (November 2015). Some people have reported success with OSMC and OpenELEC… see here: This is an inexpensive way of providing visual output for a Raspberry Pi… Continue Reading →

AndyPi LCD Wiring & Soldering Instructions

These instructions (and videos) give details for making up the AndyPi LCD kit, or making your own from scratch. It is very straightforward and just requires some soldering, and wire cutting. AndyPi sells a ready assembled Plug & Go version… Continue Reading →

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