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MagPi Article!

In December 2013’s issue of the MagPi (the Raspberry Pi community magazine), you can read AndyPi’s article (page 14-15)! A fuller description of setting up an LCD with Python is available on this website: Python Controlled LCD

Command Line Volume Control

I came across this useful little script when playing about with RadioPi – since I couldn’t here the text-to-speech output very easily when I was testing, and had no idea how to change the volume from the command line. You… Continue Reading →

RadioPi (Cheap Remote Monitoring!)

The Raspberry Pi has the ability to be a FM radio transmitter, with the addition of an antenna – you don’t need to buy or make anything else! Plug a 20cm ish long wire to GPIO04 (pin 7) and that’s… Continue Reading →


Although the Raspberry Pi camera is a cheap mobile phone sensor, and not up to the quality of dedicated hardware, nevertheless it can record full HD video and take 5 megapixel photos. Probably the main advantage is that, being Pi-driven,… Continue Reading →

AndyPi LCD with Volumio (RaspyFi)

AndyPi LCDs also work really well with Volumio (formely called RaspyFi). This distribution has been optimised for playing high quality audio (often through a usb DAC device hooked up to some high quality speakers). You can control it via any… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Router (Wifi hotspot)

This tutorial gives a step by step guide to setting up your Raspberry Pi to work as a wifi hotspot, and to share an internet connection from the Ethernet port of the Raspberry Pi. Check out the first part of… Continue Reading →

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