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Wearble Pi Zero Camera Kit

Wearable Timelapse Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero including 3D printed case (1) You can order this kit now on ebay for only £34 – search for ‘andypi’. Now available for dispatch in limited quantity! (2) You can order… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Camera Demo Video

I finally got round to uploading a video shot on my Raspberry Pi original model A using the official camera module. Although I created a guide to build a camera you can trigger by pressing a button, there is now… Continue Reading →

Berry Bot

Recently I got the chance to give a bit of an introduction to python and physical computing on the Raspberry Pi to some kids so I thought a robot would be a fun thing to use as a demonstration. The… Continue Reading →

Weather Monitoring – Part 1 – with ThingSpeak and Slack

Weather Monitoring – Part 1 – This post Weather Monitoring – Part 2 –  Air Quality sensing with Shinyei PPD42NS   Where I live at the moment is very dry and after buying a humidifier I decided to use my… Continue Reading →

Accessing AWS s3 from Raspberry cli

Amazon’s cloud storage system s3 is a pretty useful online service. It’s really cheap and has lots of features, although its a little bit more difficult to use than something like dropbox. You can access some of the features from… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi controlled WS2801 RGB LEDs

WS2801 pixels can create really cool displays – for longer strips you can turn them into a matrix, or shorter ones can be used for lighting effects, visual notifications or anything you can dream up! Below is a short guide… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Media Centre addition – BerryGlow

A few years ago Phillips included something called AmbiLight on some of there TVs. Basically RGB (multicolour) LEDs are set into the rear of the TV, which reflects whatever you are watching – it looks extremely cool, makes for a… Continue Reading →

BT line Caller ID with AndyPi LCD & Raspberry Pi

AndyPi customer Pete has come up with a great use for an old USB modem plus a Raspberry Pi and AndyPi HD44780 LCD – a BT landline caller ID display! Thanks to Pete for providing the excellent instructions (PDF download).

Raspberry Hotspot

There are a number of instances where it is useful for your Raspberry Pi to act as its own wifi hotspot, in case you need to access the raspberry but there is no network (or router). These instructions show you… Continue Reading →

Miniature Colour Graphics TFT display (graph data python class!)

AndyPi’s latest product is a miniature colour graphic TFT display, 2.2″ wide with 320×240 pixels (we also have a small number of 1.8″ TFT’s at a bargain price) The sky is the limit as to what you could use this… Continue Reading →

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