Web Apps

Flask – An Introduction to python web apps

After discovering the python programming language from the Raspberry Pi, it turns out it can be used for many different purposes, one of these being to create web based apps. A web app is a website that actually does something… Continue Reading →

Make a Next Bus LCD with TfL’s Web API

One of the cool things about web APIs (see my post for what a web API is) is that useful data is made available for you to hack around with. I found out that Transport for London has an API… Continue Reading →

What is an web API and what can I do with it?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and web APIs allow you to programmatically interface with a web resource using the HTTP protocol (the same as you use in your web browser). 1. Let’s explain that geek-speak with an example from… Continue Reading →

Celery – a python task queue for long jobs

Running python tasks in the background In the past few months I’ve built a couple of web apps using python and flask, and the main task of the programs takes significant time to run. The web app for my client… Continue Reading →

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