I recently found a great podcast on Python, called Talk Python to me: https://talkpython.fm/. I’d treid a couple of other but either it was a one person show or expected you to be sat at your computer coding alongside. This podcast has guests who actually know what they are talking about and have written or experience in using many of the python libraries, and the discussion is a level that means you can understand what the code might look like, but it high enough to talk around the topic, and what certain technologies are. I particularly like the one Full Stack Python which interviews a guy who wrote a book of the same name, about how to go about writing a Web App in python and deploying it, from basics, including all the steps such as setting up a VPS, setting up the database, installing python and a web server. I’ve been trying to piece this together myself from various online tutorials but it was good to see how a professional coder would approach it. The other random but maybe useful thing was how other people pronounce some of the slightly odd named software and modules, which as a self taught individual developer I have no idea about. For the nginx web server I’d been saying en-jinx in my head, but turns out its more like engine-x ….