A few months ago I blogged about how I coded WordPress plugin, basically it’s a dashboard widget which users can send an email directly from. The idea is that AndyPi blog customers can ask for support directly from within WordPress, and it will get sent direct to me. I’ve recently updated the plugin to allow anyone to brand it and set their own email address etc, and also uploaded it to the WordPress plugins official repo.

If you want to try it out, search AndyPi.co.uk on the WordPress plugins page or download it directly.

One of the new things I had to learn was Subversion, a version control system like git, used by the WordPress plugins directory. There’s a good article here about how to combine git / svn if you are used to storing things on github like me.

This past week I also hacked an add-on to WP Simple Stripe (stripe is a payment gateway like PayPal). My version basically allows you to display a download link to the user only after their payment has gone through. I don’t need something as complicated as Woo Commerce or Easy Digital Downloads (which can also cost a lot) so it was nice to be able to improve the functionality myself. The developer wants to keep the plugin simple, so he’s not pulling in my changes, but you can get them anyway from my github repo.

WordPress plugins are really easy way to get started programming in PHP, and there is loads of help online to. Have a try!