It’s been a while since I last uploaded a WordPress plugin, and with the release of my new Video Analytics for Cloudflare Stream I ended up making a right mess of repo – all my version control is done in git(hub) but for WordPress you must use SVN. There are a few guides out there but to save getting in a muddle I’m doing some of the steps manually. So here’s my guide – mostly for my own reference!

  1. In the master git repo create a tag git tag 2.0 and git push --tags
  2. Use a seperate folder exclusively for SVN repo, and clone it locally:
    svn co --username=me --password=12345
  3. Download the latest version of code from github, and make any modifications for the free version for the WordPress repository
  4. Manually copy files to the svn folder.
  5. Update the readme.txt to the latest version, e.g. 2.0.
  6. Add any new files: svn add trunk/*
  7. Commit the change svn ci -m "add feature, version 2.0"
  8. Copy the tag svn cp trunk tags/2.0
  9. Commit the change to the tag svn ci -m "tagging version 2.0"


Using Subversion