A common usage of a virtual server is to host WordPress websites. This guide shows you how to automate the configuration of a virtual server from scratch (using Ansible) and deploy multiple independent WordPress websites (using Webmin/Virtualmin). Virtualmin/Webmin is a graphical user interface that allows you to manage deployment of multiple virtual server accounts on the same machine (complete with LAMP/LEMP stack). Virtualmin is very similar to cPanel and Plesk, and in this tutorial we’ll be using the free GPL edition.

After initial setup of the server and installation of Virtualmin, you can very quickly setup multiple virtual servers from within the Virtualmin interface and directly install WordPress on that virtual server complete with its own domain name.

In this tutorial, instead of manually entering a long list of commands, we’ll instead use Ansible. Ansible is a python based automation tool which allows you to reliably and repeatedly automate server tasks. This means once you’ve followed this tutorial, you’ll be able to deploy another server in the same way with just a couple of commands.

See my full guide on the Vultr website: