AndyPi has just released PixelLights – a strip of 6 RGB (red-green-blue) LED pixels controlled by the WS2801 chip. You can get them on – search AndyPi. It’s perfect for adding all manner of visual output to Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects and you won’t need any other hardware to get started! Check out the pages below for some cool ideas:

Raspberry Pi projects

Make your own light display with python and AndyPi PixelLight – includes standard Raspberry Pi wiring instructions.
Wifi controlled mood lighting using Pi Raspberry and an Android device


Arduino Projects

Rainbow / Chaser Lights Example
Music Visualizer (Spectrum Analyser)
Bluetooth Controlled Lights (coming soon)



AndyPi Pixel Lights Specification:
18cm strip with 6 independently controllable RGB WS2801 LEDs
4 wires pre-soldered with female jumper wire connectors suitable for Raspberry Pi and Arduinos with male style pins (+5v, Ground, Data signal, Clock signal)
Rear of the strip has 3M adhesive backing
Example control code for Raspberry Pi and Arduino provided (see above)
Individual LEDs can be cut off and controlled separately, or reattached with longer wires to suit.