Wearable Timelapse Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero including 3D printed case

(1) You can order this kit now on ebay for only £34 – search ebay.co.uk for ‘andypi’. Now available for dispatch in limited quantity!

(2) You can order just the 3D printed case here, it normally takes around one week for printing and delivery, cost £10. You can either order the case to fit the adafruit ‘sequin’ LED or a 3mm square low profile LED.

Worn on a lanyard or clipped to a pocket or pack, this adorable camera snaps a photo every few seconds. Slide the SD card into your computer to review the day’s activities or merge all the images into a timelapse animation. Powered by the diminutive and affordable Raspberry Pi Zero, this project is eminently configurable and customizable!

This is a DIY project and requires a small amount of soldering, assembly and software configuration. Complete instructions are provided by Adafruit here: https://learn.adafruit.com/raspberry-pi-wearable-time-lapse-camera/overview

AndyPi has a packaged kit which will save you £££ buying the items individually from Adafruit or other suppliers, and the 3D printed case is included. The case has a small modification from the Adafruit design to fit our SuperBrite LED.

kit contents

Kit Contents:
3D printed case + clip in Black PLA
0.67x Wide Angle Lens + magnetic attachment ring
Lens covers
3.7v 500mAh LiPo battery
SuperBrite White LED
SPDT Slide switch
6mm Slim tactile pushbutton
Powerboost 500 Charger (supplies power to the Pi and can charge the LiPo battery at the same time)
65cm of solid core wire (enough to complete this build)

Not Supplied:
Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 (with camera connector)
Raspberry Pi Camera
Pi Zero to Camera cable
4GB or larger microSD card (and computer to write the image to the card)
Solder and soldering iron

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