If like me, you owned bitcoin (BTC) and it was stored in a paper wallet BEFORE 1st August 2017, you also have the same amount in bitcoin cash (BCH). In summary, BCH is a hard fork of BTC, basically it copied the blockchain and all transactions u pto 1st August.

If you had your bitcoin stored in an online wallet or exchange before 1st August you’ll need to see if they will let you withdraw the cash, but here is the guide if you have a paper wallet with both public and private keys.

Part A. Secure your original BTC
1. Generate a new paper wallet at https://www.bitaddress.org/, print it out or save it somehow.
2. Install the blockchain.info app (I used android, but there is iOS and web interface too).
3. Import your NEW paper wallet PUBLIC key by scanning the PUBLIC qr code
4. Import your OLD paper wallet PRIVATE key by scanning the PRIVATE qr code.
5. Send the entire Bitcoin balance from your OLD paper wallet to your NEW one.
6. Wait about an hour for the transfer to be confirmed. The BTC is now in your NEW paper wallet, and viewable (since you only scanned the public key) on the blockchain.info app. This transaction is now on the original BTC blockchain and is safe.

Part B. Obtain BCC
1. Your BCC is STILL in the OLD paper wallet, since the BCC blockchain doesn’t know anything about the BTC transaction you just did.
2. Install Electron Cash from http://www.electroncash.org/
3. Open Electron Cash and goto tools, network, untick select server automatically, and chose electroncash.cashiria.com. This will set the server to the BCC blockchain.
4. In Electron Wallet > Private Keys > Sweep, paste your PRIVATE key into the main box. The address box is one of your Electron Cash wallet addresses. Now click Sweep.
[4.1 First time I did this, like an idiot I swept it to the same OLD paper wallet address. Don’t do that. That’s sending it to yourself but having to pay the transaction fee. I just imported that old address private key into electron cash, and waited till the transaction was confirmed, and then sent it again]
5. In the next window, click Broadcast to broadcast the transaction to the BCH networks.
6. Goto the History tab, and when the BCC blockchain is confirmed you’ll see you coins appear (could be a few hours, you’ll see a waiting clock and then a green tick when its confirmed)
7. Now you can send the BCC to any other address or exchange – note that BCC uses EXACTLY the same address space as bitcoin, so you can use https://www.bitaddress.org/ to create a wallet and use it for your BCC.

(A good guide with screenshots is here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2078292.0)

Disclaimer: Don’t blame me if it goes wrong and you lose coins! This procedure did work for me…