Countly Two Factor Authentication Plugin

Countly is an enterprise grade Web and Mobile Analytics platform which provides a 360° view of your customer journey on mobile and web. Countly’s unique plugin architecture, rich default feature set, deployment flexibility and tailored SLA coverage makes it the… Continue Reading →

WordPress plugin – Support / help email direct from dashboard

A few months ago I blogged about how I coded WordPress plugin, basically it’s a dashboard widget which users can send an email directly from. The idea is that AndyPi blog customers can ask for support directly from within WordPress,… Continue Reading →

Wearble Pi Zero Camera Kit

Wearable Timelapse Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi Zero including 3D printed case (1) You can order this kit now on ebay for only £34 – search for ‘andypi’. Now available for dispatch in limited quantity! (2) You can order… Continue Reading →

Convert string of comma separated values to python list

I had a number of comma seperated items in a string that I wanted to use as a python, e.g I wanted them in a python list, that is for each individual item to be treated as a string. Thus… Continue Reading →

PixelLights – WS2801 controlled RGB LEDs (RPi and Arduino) – New Product!

AndyPi has just released PixelLights – a strip of 6 RGB (red-green-blue) LED pixels controlled by the WS2801 chip. You can get them on – search AndyPi. It’s perfect for adding all manner of visual output to Raspberry Pi or… Continue Reading →

Miniature Colour Graphics TFT display (graph data python class!)

AndyPi’s latest product is a miniature colour graphic TFT display, 2.2″ wide with 320×240 pixels (we also have a small number of 1.8″ TFT’s at a bargain price) The sky is the limit as to what you could use this… Continue Reading →

Python Controlled LCD

You can output pretty much anything you want to AndyPi’s LCD. It is controlled using Python, making use of the wiringpi and RPi.GPIO libraries, but you can also use C. Step-by-step instructions below show you how to display your IP… Continue Reading →

AndyPi LCD Wiring & Soldering Instructions

These instructions (and videos) give details for making up the AndyPi LCD kit, or making your own from scratch. It is very straightforward and just requires some soldering, and wire cutting. AndyPi sells a ready assembled Plug & Go version… Continue Reading →

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