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Options for Continuous Deployment (Django web app with Ansible & docker deployment – Part 1)

For the first python web app I created, most of the tricky parts and learning came with trying to deploy it to a server, which result in lots of trial and error, and writing down a huge long list of… Continue Reading →

Web UI/UX for non-literate oral-preference learners

Almost 800 million people in the world are not-literate (according to UNESCO, and many more are semi-literate or oral-preference learners (I’ll refer to OPL for short in this article). Many of these are non-literate because their mother tongue is… Continue Reading →

Custom Static Site Deployment to Cloudflare Pages using Github Actions

I am creating a custom built static site to replace an old WordPress site for a client. The main aim is to make it easier to maintain and faster to load. Choosing Cloudflare pages is my default for static sites… Continue Reading →

AI natural voice generator for previously unwritten minority languages?

Imagine the possibilities opened up if you could create an AI voice from a minority language that was previously unwritten! I’m planning to update this post as I learn more. At the moment (March 2023), this is beginning to look… Continue Reading →

Switching from Win 10 to Ubuntu

After dabbling with linux on and off for 20 years, with Raspberry Pi, Servers and occasionally on the desktop, I finally decided to bite the bullet and replace Windows 10 on my main laptop (Dell Inspiron 7348 2015) with Ubuntu… Continue Reading →

How to run a python script as a service (agent, daemon) on Mac OS with launchd

Services (or Daemons or Agents) are normal programs that run in the background and are managed by the OS. I needed to make a python script run under Mac OS using launchd, which is a bit more involved than a… Continue Reading →

Creating AWS lambda called via Event Cron from Github Actions using SAM

Github Actions is a CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) service built into Github. It makes code deployment as easy as pushing to a github repo. I’ve previously used Zappa which also has a fast way to deploy (and could… Continue Reading →

Conditional formatting with Python Pandas

One of the features of spreadsheets I’ve always found useful is conditional formatting. You can easily highlight if a value is above or below a certain amount, for example to highlight negative figures. This can can dramatically improve readability. I… Continue Reading →

What’s the best privacy first WordPress analytics that are GDPR compliant?

A review of the best privacy focussed web analytics platforms available in 2023

MailBluster Python API wrapper & **kwargs unpacking

I’m using Mailbluster for my email marketing / newsletter. It’s simpler and cheaper than Mailchimp, and a bit more user friendly than ‘Email Subscribers’ (for WordPress) that I’ve used in the past. It’s built on top of Amazons Simple Email… Continue Reading →

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