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Batch rename of filenames in Python

Well it’s Christmas Eve, and I had some free time so I wanted to try out a mini programming project that would be useful. It’s been annoying me (very OCD…) for ages that my MagPi (Raspberry Pi magazine) downloads are… Continue reading →

Mac OSX El Capitan on Win 10 Virtualbox host

I was recently asked by a client to port a simple web-based javascript program to an iOS app. I was pretty keen to try my hand at something new, however I’ve got a big idealogical problem with Apple – mostly… Continue reading →

WordPress dashboard plugin

AndyPi hosts websites for a few clients, mostly using WordPress, since it is easy to set up for us and easy to operate for the end user. All of the functionality is provided by additional plugins, but we wanted to… Continue reading →

Easy remote access to your Raspberry Pi from Bash on Windows 10

Many people, myself included use a raspberry pi in headless mode, that is without a display of any kind, simply plugged into the local network and accessed from another computer on the same network. This way, we can use the… Continue reading →

Errors with sudo apt-get and pip install? Make sure your system time is correct!

Yesterday I started on a new raspberry pi project, and as usual, I burned a fresh version of the latest Raspbian Jessie to my SD card. I usually do this so that when I write up some instructions I know… Continue reading →

What is a Webhook?

A Webhook is kind of the inverse of an web API. Whereas a web API responds to an HTTP request, a webhook makes an HTTP POST to an API endpoint in response to some event. Webhooks have started appearing as… Continue reading →

Weather Monitoring – Part 2 Air Quality sensing with Shinyei PPD42NS

Why measure air quality? For the second part of my Raspberry Pi weather monitor, I wanted to add an air quality sensor. Air quality is big news, not just in places like China and India but also in the UK,… Continue reading →

JSON Parser Online

As I’ve been messing about with coding some apps to interact with APIs I’ve found myself needing to look at the raw JSON output a fair few times, to try and understand what the format of the data is and… Continue reading →

Accessing a Web API using JavaScript in a web page

There’s a previous AndyPi article on accessing the TfL (Transport for London) bus API using python, and displaying the result on an LCD. Although its a fun project, almost everything these days ends up having a web browser as the… Continue reading →

Using AWS lambda to run python scripts instead of local cron

It’s often useful to set certain scripts to run regularly, or in response to some event. There are some websites that help you do this such as Zapier or IFTTT which integrate with other online services. However, they cost money,… Continue reading →

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